Not much new during these winter months. It seems like every time my cell phone beeps it is forecasting another lake effect storm. The North Country seems to get the worst of it so far. We keep busy with Preschool and Head Start. In May we are going to combine the two classes and have hired Jim McCarthy who keeps their attention with songs and music regarding their favorite books etc. When this date gets closer we will post a notice. If you have small children they are welcome to attend even if they aren't in Preschool or Head Start.


The Williamstown Library held their annual Volunteer Dinner last evening (Oct. 11) at Tailwater resort in Altmar, New York. We had 16 attendees (trustees and volunteers). Dinner was delicious and Tailwater is beautiful! If you haven't been there, do stop in for a meal. Susan Billington, Trustee, was presented with Trustee of the Year certificate after listing all she does for our library. We met in the Steelhead Room and following the dinner, Theresa gave us a tour of the new BARN which was recently added for large events such as weddings and receptions.


Our 2016 Summer Reading Program kicked off by BIRDS OF PREY  and free hotdogs and drinks was again a big success! We registered 65 children and 6 teens. In a six-week period our children read 1138 books. Daddy-o's gave a free ice cream cone for every 10 books read by a child for a total of 120 cones. We also purchased prizes which could be won by reading (i.e., prizes were marked with the number of books to be read instead of prices). This is always very popular. Children find an item they want and work diligently to read the necessary number of books.


Come in and look at the items available for bid in our Silent Auction; bids drawn on April 30. If you find an item you want to bid on, fill out a slip with your name, telephone no. and bid. Fold and place in the proper container for that item. When we open the bids at the end of the month, the highest bidder for each item will be called.


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