With the help of an Amish carpenter, we have completely removed the shelving on one side of the room, doing away with unused space at top and bottom and rebuilding the shelves to accommodate the picture books without having to lay the taller ones on their side. This means we had to repaint the shelving the primary colors but it will be so much easier to shelve books. We tore up the old carpet and are putting down Allure with a wood grain look. Our Eric Carle oval rug will look nice when the flooring is complete. At one end of the room previously built for us, are wooden cubes to store the soft covered picture books. When we shelved them with the hard covered books, they were always falling out etc. This has worked nicely and the children can reach them with no trouble. However, when we have to move the cubes (2 large pieces) they are so heavy we have to remove all the books. We just purchased casters for the bottoms of these cubes which will be a big improvement. Will post a picture when finished. We are fortunate to have local carpenters (husbands of trustees) who do a lot for us at no cost. The installation of the Allure and the casters will also be done at no cost to us. The painting has been done by one of our trustees.