BOARD MEETING MINUTES  - September 26,2017

Meeting called to order at 6:15 pm. All members present.

Minutes of the August 25th meeting were accepted as read, with motion made by Jody Hunt and seconded by Alice Trumble. Motion carried.

Treasurer's report was accepted as presented with motion made by Jean farmer and seconded by Cherie Tietjen. Motion carried.

JLS Construction from Camden has finished our roof project and they have been paid. Insulation was put in every nook and cranny in hopes it will help with heating and ice buildup this winter.

Volunteer dinner will be held October17th at the Tailwater Lodge in Altmar, at 6:30 pm. Bev Ripka is I the process of finalizing our dinner choices, waiting a call back from the Lodge -,

NCLS annual meeting is Thursday, September 28, 2017 in Watertown. Several of our Trustees are planning on going.

We have received a bill from Roy Olin on the work that has been done on the sidewalk for our Memory Garden. A check will be sent to frim tfris ileek.

An idea was brought up, by Director Bev, to possibly change the shelving in the children's room. A motion was made, by Sue Billington and Alice Trumble to have Bev look into someone looking at the project to come up with a cost,

Spectrum will be running the lines for the fiber optics here at our library. We are still having problems with our faxes and the phone lines. Bev is doing some more of our inventory for NCLS in the children's room.

It was discussed that we should possibly only let the kids get one ice cream certificate for reading 10 books next year during Summer Reading Program. There was apparently a problem with some adults using the certificates, too. After a short discussion, a motion was made by Sue Billington and seconded by Jody Hunt to try this next year.

The Oswego County Library meeting will be held in Williamstown on October 12th at 7:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15, with Jody Hunt making the motion and Sue Billington seconding.

Next meeting, October24th at 6 p.m.



Meeting called to order at 6 p.m. All members present. Minutes of the June 27th meeting were accepted as read by Cherie Tietjen and seconded by Jody Hunt. Motion carried. Tresurer's report given and accepted as presented. Motion to accept made  by Alice Trumble and seconded by Jean Farmer. Motion carried.

Director, Bev Ripka gave an update on the construction of the new portion of the roof and blown in insulation. She has been in contact with JLS Construction and the project is to begin within the next two weeks. We are hoping this will help take care of the heat loss and ice buildup during the winter. Many thanks to Senator Patty Ritchie for an additional $2000 in funds which will go towards this project. This is in addition to the $7000 already received from her.

SRP is winding down and the planning for next year beginning. The NCLS Annual Meeting will be held in Watertown on September 28. Need to register by the 15th if you plan on attending.

Roy Olin has put in our new Memorial Garden sidewalk and Kellogg Memorials has added the latest names from donations. The sidewalk and steps look fantastic. Kellogg Memorials, thanks for all you do for us.

Our circulation numbers are once again up for the summer months. We had almost 850 visitors for the month of July alone! We have been very busy.

Fiber Optic lines will be installed in the library as soon as they can get to us. NCLS and Watertown are being done now. This wil make a huge difference in our internet connection. Our Volunteer Dinner wil be held October 17 at 6:30 at the Tailwater Lodge in Altmar.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 with Jean Farmer and Cindy Arquette making the motions Motion carried. Next meeting September 26 at 6:00 in the Community Room.

Respectfully submitted by Terry DeMassey, Secretary