Not much new during these winter months. It seems like every time my cell phone beeps it is forecasting another lake effect storm. The North Country seems to get the worst of it so far. We keep busy with Preschool and Head Start. In May we are going to combine the two classes and have hired Jim McCarthy who keeps their attention with songs and music regarding their favorite books etc. When this date gets closer we will post a notice. If you have small children they are welcome to attend even if they aren't in Preschool or Head Start. One of our trustees, Alice Trumble and a volunteer, Susanne Cole have taken over these duties and are doing a splendid job. Our library has started inventorying. My, some of the things we have become aware of. One thing was how many videos we have lost over the last few years. We recently had installed a security camera system which is really working out well. The pictures are in full color and very clear. Do stop in. We have the latest novels and what better time of year to curl up with a book!